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Erin Hamilton follows Dante Gabriel back into hell―the underground compound where he was held for a decade―to confront the woman who held him captive. Finally unmasked, she seems to hold Dante under her influence. Erin has faith in Dante’s strength and determination, though, especially when the mysterious Vampyre Texts reveal their first secret.

Dante struggles to regain his control, even as he grows stronger and the darkness rises within him. He’ll let his captor think she commands him as long as it serves his purpose, but if Erin or anyone else is threatened, all bets are off. He’ll use all his powers against her, whether or not he can master them. Time is running out, however. Dante must act quickly to free those imprisoned, especially when he learns what his captor has in mind. His new abilities keep those around him protected until she who calls herself Queen plays her trump card. Dante must face one last foe…and only one can emerge undefeated.


Blood Bond Saga

Book Volume 5

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Excerpt: Undefeated
By Helen Hardt

Excerpt: Undefeated

Helen Hardt is back with Volume 5 of the Blood Bond Saga—a gripping paranormal romance between tormented vampire Dante Gabriel and ER nurse Erin Hamilton. I’m thrilled to share an excerpt from UNDEFEATED, out this week!

Anger coursed through me, a black rage that curtained my mind. Blood thrummed in my ears, and I clenched my hands into fists.

Control. I needed my control. Needed Erin.

But Erin wasn’t here.

I snarled again, my teeth descending farther.

“That’s it. Show yourself, Dante. Show your true self.”

I’d already unleashed the darkness. I’d needed it to find this place, to return to hell. But now it whirled through me, overtaking my logic, my light, like a gray cloud consuming a sunny day with a raging storm.

I was the raging storm.

A click. A door opening. All the while red noise penetrated my ears.

She stood before me, waiting, her arms outstretched.

Go forward, the cloud urged. Go and be who you’re meant to be.

I grabbed fistfuls of my hair. Must fight. Must fight. Must fight.


I jerked, looking backward toward the sound of a voice I knew. A voice I recognized.

A voice that meant something to me. A voice that exuded light.


But the black cloud edged out the light.

I squinted.

Three images. Two men, one woman. A daze swept over me. I squinted but could not see them clearly.

Control, son.

Another voice I knew, but it wasn’t connected to anything.

My gaze was drawn back to her.

Dr. Bonneville! I knew it!

The feminine voice again. I blinked. Two men, one woman. I knew these people.

Knew these people…

Or maybe I didn’t.

A duel of swords clashed within me, between light and dark. Pain. Searing pain lanced my organs. I growled, letting my fangs sharpen to their most lethal points. I snarled toward the three images. I recognized them, as if I’d encountered them in a dream. Or a dream within a dream.

Or a nightmare.


Be strong, son.

Remember that part inside you, the part no one can touch.






The voices became high-pitched buzzing, and the images…

They blurred into nothingness.


Then I turned toward the blond woman, whose image was so clear, as if she were outlined by fine black ink.

I dropped to my knees.

“I have returned, my queen.”

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