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10 Spooky Books Perfect for Halloween

10 Spooky Books Perfect for Halloween

It’s that time of year when we begin to crave all things dark and spooky, and the perfect time to cozy up to a spine-chilling thriller or horror! I’m sharing ten of my favorite reads that will perfectly fit the vibe and will not disappoint as you read late into the night.

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Horror, history, forbidden romance — compelling & imaginative

Mesmeric, gorgeously gothic thriller

Superb gothic haunted-house thriller set in 1950s Mexico

Derelict house of horrors teeming with murder, greed, envy, and forbidden romance

Gothic thriller with horror vibes about a writing retreat gone wrong

Gothic, addictive thriller with 'Succession' vibes

Gripping thriller inspired by 'And Then There Were None'

Dark and twisty tale teeming with lies and betrayal

Binge-worthy thriller with 90s nostalgia

Dark, edge-of-your-seat serial-killer thriller

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  1. Sylvia G. Blanco said:

    I just finished self-publishing my novel steamy romance TWO MANY OF ME. What does it take to consider you in reviewing my book. Thank you very much.


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