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Interview with Lexi Blake, author of Lost In You
By Lexi Blake

Interview with Lexi Blake, author of Lost In You

LOST IN YOU – the third thrilling installment in the The Forgotten series is out this week, and I was thrilled to interview bestselling author Lexi Blake to get the scoop on what to expect! Read below!




  • LOST IN YOU takes place in the Masters and Mercenaries world and things are getting, shall we say … interesting. What made you decide to jump head first back into this world?

    I feel like I never really left it. The story was left unfinished because I still had these men who’d been rescued by McKay-Taggart, but they still didn’t know who they were. Because they’d all had their memories stripped, mystery still surrounds every character. They had formed a team, but something’s rotten about it. There’s a traitor in their midst and figuring out who that is and the whys behind the betrayal form the heart of the external plot of Lost in You. The internal plot is all about this man who’s gone from victim to leader and the woman he loves but can’t quite bring himself to reach out for. Robert and Ariel have been circling each other for several books now and I’m happy to finally tell their story.

    In the same vein, do your Masters and Mercenaries readers need to read the books in order or can new readers start with Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten series?

    I’ve been told you can read them as standalones, but I don’t think I’ve ever written a standalone. Maybe the first one. I’m all about long form almost comic book style story telling. I would definitely start with the first Forgotten book if not the first Masters and Mercenaries book. The characters grow and change over the course of the series and for me that’s a big part of the experience.

    Robert and Ariel travel across Europe in this sexy and action-packed story. Did any of your travels inspire locations in the book? Do you have a favorite place?

    Travel is a big part of all of my books. Setting is incredibly important and getting these amazing places right is everything. This particular book is set in one of my favorite cities in the world, Munich, Germany. I’ve been there several times and love Munich’s laid-back vibe. It’s a great mix of modern amenities and Bavarian history. One of the key scenes is set in the Marienplatz, which is a kind of shopping/cultural center in the middle of the city and has been the city’s center since 1158AD. If you ever get a chance to go, this is a place to spend plenty of time. St. Michael’s is one of the big sites to see here and I hope I got it right!

    You have a number of books coming! What’s next and what are you working on now?

    I got back the rights to my Sophie Oak books roughly two years ago and I’ve been revising them to fit into the Masters and Mercenaries world. The next one to come out is Back in Bliss on September 10th. I’ll be continuing my urban fantasy series this December with Stealing Summer. I’m super excited to continue The Forgotten with Long Lost in February of 2020 and to be introducing a new series—Butterfly Bayou in April of next year. Lots of fun stuff to come!

    Last question—a fun, reading one! With so much going on, do you have any time to read lately? If so, any recent book recommendations to share?

    I’m completely obsessed with Sarah J Maas. Who isn’t? I devoured her Court of Thorn and Roses series and Throne of Glass series. I cannot wait for Crescent City. On the more traditional romance side, I’m loving Carly Phillips’s Dare series and just finished Sierra Simone’s Priest. I’m super excited for Larissa Ione’s Reaper!

  • About Lost In You

    Robert McClellan was forced to serve as a soldier in a war he didn’t understand. Liberated by McKay-Taggart, he struggles every day to reclaim the life he lost and do right by the men he calls his brothers, The Lost Boys. Only one thing is more important – Ariel Adisa. The gorgeous psychologist has plagued his dreams since the day they met. Even as their mission pushes him to his limits, he can’t stop thinking about taking his shot at finding a life beyond all this with her.

    Ariel Adisa is a force to be reckoned with. Her performance in Toronto proved she’s more than just a brilliant mind, but Robert still acts as if she is a wilting flower who needs his protection. Joining him on the mission to Munich should be the perfect opportunity to test their skills and cement their relationship. She and Robert are an excellent match. But when a stunning secret from Robert’s past is revealed, their world is turned upside down and nothing will ever be the same again.

    While they chase dark secrets across Europe, Robert and Ariel realize that the only thing worse than not knowing who you are could be discovering who you used to be…

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This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

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