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Spotlight Saturday and Giveaway!!! Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens

Relationship angst, check.
Hot rockstar, check.
Cheating, lying, lust, check.
True love, check.
One heck of a series… hell ya!

S.C. Stephens’ Thoughtless series is comprised of three books: Thoughtless (#1), Effortless (#2) and recently released, Reckless (#3). I decided to read Thoughtless on the automated Amazon recommendation. Still fairly new to the contemporary romance genre, I had not heard the big buzz around the series when I started reading and I was blown away.  As part of this Spotlight Saturday feature, we’ll run through the different books in the series and my favorite, most swoon-worthy parts. No spoilers here!



Thoughtless (#1)


The story begins with Kiera Allen moving from Athens, Ohio to Seattle with her boyfriend, Denny Harris. 

“He was beautiful. I know it’s not the manliest way to describe a guy, but in my head, it was the adjective I used most often and it fit him to a tee. He was originally from a small town in Queensland, Australia, and a lifetime spent in the water at that exotic locale had left him tanned and muscular… His hair was a dark, dark brown and he liked to have it styled into chunky, but orderly pieces… His eyes were a warm and deep, dark brown and were currently turned in my direction to sparkle at me.”

Picture5With the disapproval of Kiera’s parents, Kiera and Denny make the 37-hour roadtrip to Seattle. An internship woos Denny to the city and Kiera plans to attend the University of Washington. Denny has a good friend in Seattle, and they plan on staying at his place. His friend is in a band (the D-Bags) and so their sojourn takes them straight to Pete’s Bar to pick up the keys to his house. Enter Kellan Kyle.

“I couldn’t help but notice the lead singer first. No one would be able to overlook him–he was drop-dead gorgeous. He had intense eyes that were busy scanning the crowd of adoring women clustered around the front of the stage. His light, sandy-brown hair was a thick, wild mess… He wore perfectly, lived in black jeans, with black heavy boots. Simple, yet stunning. He looked like a rock-god… Even with all that, the most amazing part of him, besides his alluring voice, was his unbelievably sexy smile.”


And… the trouble begins. Book 1 tells the story of the love triangle between Denny, Kiera and Kellan. I’ll warn you, it’s painful to read sometimes… the things that happen, you absolutely hate Kiera’s guts. You hate her indecision, her lack of maturity and how her actions not only affect her, but also Denny and Kellan. You may want to throw your Kindle (or reading device of choice!) to the wall more than a few times. You may also want to use it to fan yourself… especially when you start reading about espresso stands (you’ll see)… But the book is so engaging… you don’t want to put the damn thing down. And after the you finish the last book, you’ll be surprised to realize how much you like Kiera and appreciate how much she’s grown. Hang in there… don’t bash your Kindle! Summary… this book is about making a decision and following your heart.



Effortless (#2)


Book 2 picks up with Kellan and Kiera together. The D-Bags are getting ready to play at local festival, Bumbershoot – their big break! They kill it at Bumbershoot and attract national attention, being invited to join a tour.

Keira and Kellan are still freshly into their relationship, both still harboring fears of the other  cheating and leaving. Fears not made easier when Kellan and the D-Bags go on tour. Keira is left to finish school and Kellan and her build their relationship miles apart. With Kellan’s gorgeous looks and his seductive style, he is known for having gobs of girls throw themselves at him and so Kiera struggles to trust him in that rockstar environment, while Kellan struggles to trust Kiera since she did cheat on Denny.

Feelings of distrust plague them, while Kiera struggles to believe in Kellan and wait for their time together when the tour is over. You truly fall in love with Kellan in this book, he believes in his love for Kiera and without giving away spoilers, he does some amazing things to keep Kiera believing in their love, to keep her feeling like he’s right there, thinking of her at all times, in all places.


“I can’t imagine what the time apart has done to us. I’m hoping we’re closer. I’m hoping we’re more in love than ever. I’m hoping that when I come back, you’ll move in with me. In all honesty, I’m hoping that when I come back you’ll agree to marry me someday. Because that’s what I want, what I dream about. You, mine, for the rest of my life. I hope you feel the same… because I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you so much. But if for some reason we’re not closer, if something has come between us, please, I’m begging you… don’t give up on me. Stay. Stay with me. Work it out with me. Just don’t leave me… please.”

While book 1 is about coming to terms with what your heart wants, book 2 is about learning to trust.


Reckless (#3)

recklessFor my full review of Reckless, click here.

Book 3, the conclusion in the Thoughtless series, begins with temporary bliss – a moment of love and quiet between Kellan and Kiera. And after all they’ve been through, they certainly deserve this moment of happiness, but as expected, disruption comes too soon and launches you into the rollercoaster that S.C. Stephens lays out.

The book spends the majority of the time in L.A. while the D-Bags record their first album and then, kick-off a tour.  But before Kiera can join Kellan in L.A., she stays in Seattle for a few weeks to help her sister and be with her parents. Both of them struggle with being apart and are fearful for their separation (given what happened in book 2, Effortless).

“Am I making a mistake?… Making an album, going on tour… am I making a mistake?… All I want is a quiet life with you, he continued. What I just signed up for… isn’t exactly a quiet life.”

“Kellan, your life will never be quiet, no matter what you do… You belong on a stage. It’s what you were born to do.”

One of the major themes in Reckless, is Kiera’s personal growth. Their is a striking difference in how she was in book 1 and how she acts in book 3. As usual, there are many challenges they face, many opportunities presented that would facilitate them breaking apart, but Kiera overcomes these challenges and rationalizes them… believing in the love she feels for Kellan and the future that awaits them. Although I was proud that Kiera had grown so much, there were so many instances that I wanted her to get really mad! I know, that in her shoes, I would not have kept my cool.

“He was everything to me, and I didn’t want to miss a moment of his journey just because parts of it were unpleasant.”

But Kellan… oh, Kellan… he was absolutely amazing in this book. I fell a little more in love with him. You felt his love, his pain, his frustration throughout. The love he feels for Kiera is palpable.

“I love you too, Kiera. Just you. You’re my always.”

The last 20% of the book was perfect. Just perfect. There are moments your heart stops and you can’t believe what you’re reading, and then you find yourself overflowing with happiness. After the rocky ride that S.C. Stephens gives us with this series, Reckless leaves you satisfied and happy, believing that love can conquer anything. And above and beyond the story that is Kiera and Kellan, there are some wonderful character progressions that are so great to read… particularly with Denny and Griffin.

Book 3 is a story about personal growth, learning from past mistakes and believing steadfastly in love.

Bottom line… you’ve got to read this series. It’s engaging, angsty and fun. And for goodness sake, they feature a rock god and a hot Australian! You can’t lose!

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What to Read After Reckless

Are you missing Kellan? Do you love rockstars? Try reading All Over You (novella, #0.5, Devoured) and Devoured (#1, Devoured) by Emily Snow. She’s got book #2 and book #3 in the works too! It’s a different story and a different set of challenges, but I think if you like the Thoughtless series, you’ll like the Devoured series. Both New Adult.

Buy All Over You on Amazon:
Buy Devoured on Amazon:


Interview with S.C. Stephens

And now… to the best part! I had the awesome opportunity to ask S.C. Stephens some questions and get some insight on the series.

  • [CCBB]: Who is your favorite character in the series and why? (My favorite may actually be Denny – he’s so completely giving and loyal)
  • [S.C. Stephens]: I have different reasons for loving all of them, so choosing a favorite is difficult. It’s like picking a child! Yes, Denny is so loyal, forgiving, intelligent, driven, I love him for all those reasons. Kiera is the most like me, so naturally, I have a soft spot for her. Anna is the up-for-anything girl that I wish I was more like at times. I love her spunky attitude. Griffin is…well, he’s an ass hat, but he makes me laugh. He’s my favorite character to write for. I love the things that come out of his mouth. And then there is Kellan. Obviously, I’m head over heels in love with that man. He’s so confident and seductive on the surface, and yet, so vulnerable on the inside. What’s not to love?
  •  [CCBB]: What part, of any of the books, was particularly difficult to write?
  •  [S.C. Stephens]: None of it was difficult on an emotional level. The gut-wrenching scenes are the ones that are the easiest for me to write. The hardest part was solving plot problems. Something happens that tweaks something else, so you have to go back and fix it. And when you’re doing the third book in a trilogy, there are some things that are set in stone, so you have a narrower spectrum to work with. That can make it challenging at times.
  • [CCBB]: One of the main themes of book 3, for me, was Kiera’s personal growth. Thinking back from book 1 to book 3, Kiera’s level of maturity evolves drastically. What do you think really changed her? Was it one event or a culmination of it all? I saw a lot of evidence of her actually changing late in book 2 and certainly in book 3.
  •  [S.C. Stephens]: It was definitely what happened in book one that was the catalyst for her change. She abhorred what she had done to both Denny and Kellan. She began looking at her own faults and started working to correct them. I think that was very brave of her to address issues that she clearly had, especially at her age. That inner contemplation and acceptance is what allowed her to be the person she was in book three. I’m very proud of her.
  •  [CCBB]: Do you have a favorite quote from the series?
  •  [S.C. Stephens]: No. There are entirely too many to choose from! I have several favorite lines from each characters—lines that make me laugh, lines that make me tear up, lines that make me go, “Oh, no he didn’t!” I could try listing them all, but it would be nearly as long as book one. 🙂 
  • [CCBB]: I have heard you were a fan of the Babysitter’s Club when you were young. They were my absolute favorite series growing up and really cultivated my love of reading. These days, what other books are you reading and enjoying?
  • [S.C. Stephens]: I’m obsessed with A Game of Thrones right now. That book is so addictive! I can’t get enough, I HAVE to know what happens next! In fact, I think I’ll read a little after I’m done here…
  • [CCBB] What’s next after Reckless for you? What can we look forward to?
  • [S.C. Stephens]: I wrote several stories years ago that the fans have been patiently waiting for me to publish. I’m going to be releasing them over the next year or so. I’ll be starting with my Conversion series. You can expect to see book one sometime this fall.


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