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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant comes a new story in her Dark Kings series…

Destinies can’t be ignored. No one knows that better than Annita. For as long as she can remember, it’s been foretold she would find a dragon. A real-life dragon. She’s beginning to think it was all some kind of mistake until she’s swimming in one of the many caves around the island and discovers none other than a dragon. There is no fear as she approaches, utterly transfixed at the sight of the creature. Then he shifts into the shape of a thoroughly gorgeous man who spears her with bright blue eyes. In that instant, she knows her destiny has arrived. And the dragon holds the key to everything.

All Royden wanted was to find an item his brother buried when they were children. It was supposed to be a quick and simple trip, but he should’ve known nothing would be easy with enemies like the Dragon Kings have. Royden has no choice but to trust the beguiling woman who tempts him like no other. And in doing so, they unleash a love so strong, so pure that nothing can hold it back.


Dark Kings

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Paranormal Romance

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Exclusive Excerpt: Dragon Lost
By Donna Grant

Exclusive Excerpt: Dragon Lost

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant comes a new story in her Dark Kings series. DRAGON LOST is out this week, and I’m thrilled to share an excerpt from this novella below!

No one but the family swam or dove the caves. It was how it had always been, and it was how it would remain.

Annita had entered the cave in different ways over the years, but her favorite was with her head above water using the breaststroke. She was able to see the play of light reflecting off the pool and shining upon the ceiling of the cavern. The bright turquoise water and white sand were spectacular, but the real treat was the cave itself.

The opening led one to believe the space within would be large, and while it was, it was just the beginning. The cave continued with another opening above the water. Annita swam to the edge of the rock and pulled herself up. She sat there for a moment and closed her eyes, letting the calm of the place settle around her.

At sixteen, she and her older sister had spent an entire day exploring the cave. It went on and on, opening to caverns of different sizes until it ended in the largest one of them all. Annita had wanted to stay and explore, but her sister hadn’t liked it and wanted to leave. Since no one had known where they were, they’d returned to the house.

But Annita had returned on her own often after that. Sometimes, she explored at her leisure. Other times, she remained in the main entrance, listening to the water lap at the rocks. No matter how hard she looked, she found nothing. But she couldn’t stop the inner voice that kept urging her to search again. After all, Chara had said that she’d find a dragon, and Chara had never been wrong.

As old as Crete was, Annita believed that she would find some artifact from the past. She still held out hope. Maybe it would be today.

She smiled to herself and let one leg dangle in the water. Maybe it was the fact that her sister was now married with a child of her own, but Annita couldn’t stop thinking about the prophecy Chara had told her parents. In all the years since the declaration, neither her mother nor father had said anything to Annita about it. The one time she’d mentioned it, her parents had quickly changed the subject.

Her mind cleared, and Annita found herself drifting off to sleep. She was in that strange realm between wakefulness and sleep where she could’ve sworn she heard Yaya say her name. It was the urgency in her grandmother’s voice that snapped her eyes open.

She remained still, listening to the cave around her for several minutes. Slowly, she sat up and looked into the water, but there was nothing there. Still, she pulled her foot out just in case. Then, she looked around the cave. The moment she glanced at the opening, she stood and faced it. Her head tilted to the side as she peered into the darkness.

Something was different today. She didn’t know what, only that it was.

Annita took a tentative step toward the cave, fear taking root. She stopped and squared her shoulders. She knew these caves like the back of her hand, just as she knew the waters around her home. There was no reason for her to be afraid.

“Fear doesn’t rule me,” she told herself and started walking.

Within five steps, darkness reigned. She paused long enough to search for one of the flashlights she’d stored throughout the cave. She flicked it on and held it up so it shone ahead of her. The deeper she walked, the more unsettled she became, almost as if she could sense something was about to happen.

Annita’s heart pounded against her chest, but she kept walking, pausing to check each cavern until she reached the last one. Right before she looked inside, she had the insane urge to turn around and run as fast as she could back to the water.

Instead, she held steady and imagined that Yaya would’ve smiled at her. With that, she took one step into the cavern, then another. And another. On the fourth step, she stumbled to a halt when the light fell upon a large, beige head. Her heart felt as if it fell to her feet when the animal opened its eyes and zeroed in on her. Then it lifted its long neck, the head swinging toward her as it climbed to its feet.

Annita could hardly believe what she was staring at. A dragon.

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