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The capture of a Dragon King is cause for celebration. Jeyra never dreamed she would actually face one of the creatures who destroyed her home. But the longer she’s around him, the more she finds herself gravitating to him. All it takes is one reckless kiss that unleashes desires and the truth that has been hidden from her to set them both on a course that could be the end of them.

Varek, King of Lichens, has known nothing but a life with magic. Until he finds himself on a different realm unable to call up his powers. Worse, he’s in shackles with no memory of how it happened. When he sees an enthralling woman who leaves him speechless, he believes he can charm her to free him. The more she rebuffs him, the more he craves her, igniting a dangerous passion between them. Can he protect the woman he’s fallen for while uncovering the truth – or will peril that neither see coming tear them apart?

Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.

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Excerpt: Dragon Revealed
By Donna Grant

Excerpt: Dragon Revealed

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant comes a new story in her Dragon Kings series. DRAGON REVEALED is out Tuesday, but you can read a sneak peek below right now!

Varek couldn’t shake the feeling that Jeyra was headed into trouble. He knew with certainty that she would ignore everything he’d cautioned her about. Not that he blamed her. He’d do the same in her shoes.

It grated on him that he couldn’t be out there to help her. He knew that look in her eyes, the one that said she wouldn’t stop until she had what she wanted. Because he’d been there himself once. And had left a trail of destruction in his wake.

It wasn’t until he became a Dragon King that he found others he could trust—and who trusted him. The need to fight for everything then subsided. Not entirely because he was a King for his clan, but he no longer sought out things to clash over. It had been an eye-opening experience that’d changed him in many ways.

He sat up and ran a hand down his face. Varek was beginning to hate the dungeon. He wanted to stand up, to stretch, get some clean clothes. And be upright in a hot shower. The little water he had to wash himself did the job, but it wasn’t the showers he was used to.

With nothing else to do, he lay back and closed his eyes. He’d already finished the food Jeyra had brought, and no one would venture close to him until she returned. Unless, of course, that brute of a man returned, possibly with more clothes. Varek yawned and tested his body where he had sustained his injuries. They were almost healed.

That pleased him because he didn’t want to fight while injured. He could, but it would put him at a disadvantage. He had been at a disadvantage since he arrived on this realm, and it was time that changed.

He stilled as he felt something brush against his mind as soft as a butterfly’s wings. His eyes snapped open as he held his breath, listening to see if he heard it again.

“Who’s there?” he asked mentally.

Varek released his breath and slammed his fist against the ground when he received no answer. Was he so desperate for the other dragons that he’d imagined a voice? If he’d sunk to such levels, it didn’t bode well for his chances of escape. His thoughts turned to Merrill. How had he been taken but not Merrill?

“Because he was with a woman,” Varek suddenly said aloud.

He smiled as relief poured through him. He remembered something. At least now, he knew that Merrill wasn’t stuck somewhere on this realm. No doubt his friend had returned to Dreagan and informed Con and the other Dragon Kings about Varek’s disappearance. Unfortunately, none of them would know to look for him on another realm, much less the one where the twins were. If that’s where he was.

“Erith,” he called, attempting once more to reach out to the goddess.

If he couldn’t contact any of the dragons on the realm, then she and the Reapers were his last hope. It also made him realize that he needed the city’s layout to devise an escape plan. When he saw Jeyra next, he would ask her for it.

He smiled, recalling their kiss. It had been unexpected, but he didn’t regret a single moment of it. He hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her before the kiss, and now, she filled every corner of his mind. No matter what he thought about, she was there. He could try to ignore the feelings growing within him, but it wouldn’t do any good. He had found his mate in the most unlikely of places. But found her he had.

Varek snorted, thinking of how angry he was at whoever had captured him. But if he hadn’t been brought here, he might never have found Jeyra. He would have gone the rest of his life without a mate beside him. Oddly, that thought hadn’t bothered him before. Until he looked into Jeyra’s amber eyes and saw the fire inside her.

She had many reasons to hate dragons, but he hoped she could overcome them to be with him. If her response to his kiss was any indication, she just might be able to.

His smile died as he recalled the story of her family. That kind of deep-seated animosity didn’t relinquish its hold easily—if ever. Jeyra wanted justice for what’d happened. No doubt many others did, as well. What would happen if he agreed to the marriage the council offered? Varek couldn’t imagine it sitting well with the humans. It would only breed more hatred. And he only knew the mortal’s side of things in this war.

Mortals. That was laughable. He wouldn’t exactly call Jeyra mortal, but she wasn’t immortal either. The truth of what she was, however, confounded him. Until the Fae and humans came to their realm, the Dragon Kings knew nothing of those species. The Kings and dragons didn’t venture to other realms, so they didn’t know of anyone else.

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