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Rumor has it that Texas just got a little hotter! Fans of Tessa Bailey and K. Bromberg will fall for this sexy story of mistaken identity, electric attraction, and irresistible romance in the first installment of the addictive new series, Austin Heat.

Jake is desperate to rewrite his past with women and leave behind the media storm surrounding his off-the-field antics that cloud his potential. He’s done with the stream of models, actresses and NFL cheerleaders that have warmed his bed since he made a name for himself as starting quarterback for the University of Texas. He desperately wants to meet a normal girl in his hometown of Austin.

After moving to Austin to be the hired girlfriend of one of her long-term escort clients, Rakell finds herself wishing she could live a normal life with an average guy. Turned off by the billionaire clients she’s been serving for the last five years, she longs to get out of the business and build a life where she doesn’t live in the shadows of her escort persona.

Their worlds collide and the spice is off the charts. “Pretty boy” Jake Skyler has met his match with saucy-mouthed, Rakell McCarthy. Both think they’ve fallen for an average person. Both are wrong! What happens when their physical connection explodes, their hearts take charge and the secrets they are concealing are revealed.

If this were a TV show (it is not…yet ) think: a naughty version of “Virgin River” hooks up with “Friday Night Lights,” add in a little “Yellowstone” toothpick-chewin’ and you got the vibe of this steamy Austin-based series that follows Jake and Rakell, along with a host of other intriguing characters, as they search for The One.

Things are about to get heated!


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Excerpt - Austin Heat: THE ONE… Who Undid Me
By Amari Nylix

Excerpt – Austin Heat: THE ONE… Who Undid Me

Out this week is Austin Heat: THE ONE… Who Undid Me — the steamy romance series starter by Amari Nylix. I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek with you below!

Chapter One

Jake: (to Dwayne): Dude, you flying in this afternoon? Mom’s asking me if you’re coming to the house for dinner…Send

Dwayne: Boarding now. Can’t wait to be back in Austin. Tell your mom I wouldn’t miss it. Is she making that French Chicken?…Send

Jake: Yep, Coq Au Vin…learn the name since you always gobble it up! And chicken fry for your ass…Send

Dwayne: I love that woman…Send

Jake: How’s your mom, sis? You enjoying Ozark City?…Send

Dwayne: Looks like sis is going to Alabama, pre-med. Wants to try out for the cheerleading squad. I said, NO, but you know Eva. Mom’s good. Misses seeing you…don’t get that …Send

Jake: Wait…cause she loves me. Don’t let Eva be a cheerleader at Alabama…NOO!! Those Bama boys!…Send

Dwayne: I know, I know, shit!! Mom says I have to back off sis, let her breathe. But Bama football. Mom’s coming this summer…ugh that cramps my Austin fun. Scenery in Austin much hotter than here…Send

Jake: True, this city’s got some of the hottest scenery in the country…Send

Dwayne: Whatta they say, ‘if you can handle the Austin heat, you’ll be rewarded’…Send

Jake: That’s what you say, no one else says that. I’m going to try to tone it down…Send

Dwayne: Good for you. Have fun on your own. Not me…Austin is my reward after a grueling season. So watch out ladies ‘Pretty Boy’ Skyler & ‘Sticky Fingers’ Bradshaw are heading your way…Send

Jake: It’s getting old…all these women all over us just because of the NFL thing…Send

Dwayne: Dude…maybe that’s why they like you, but I have great skills off the field as well…Send

Jake: BS…Send

Dwayne: Pretty Boy you getting all noble on me?…Send

Jake: No, tired of being used…want a normal girl…Send

Dwayne: Waaah…nobody feels sorry for you…Send

Jake: I knew you wouldn’t get it. I’m heading into gym to meet Jordan…Send

Dwayne: Tell big brother hi…Send

Jake: Safe flight. See you soon. I’ll warn the women of Austin…Send

Jake: Mom, Dwayne’s on for dinner…make double chicken…Send

Mom: I love you too Jake. Yes, I’m having a great day. Thanks for asking. Will do…Send

Jake: Come on Mom. Love you…Send

“Great season Jake! You guys were the bomb!” someone yelled as Jake sprang up the stairs, so happy to be back at his hometown gym Lift-ATX, the most badass gym in Austin.

“Thanks, dude!” he yelled back.

He didn’t recognize the guy, but he’d become accustomed to being recognized himself, especially here in Austin. Jake made it a point to try to get to know some of the most dedicated local fans, especially because most Texans were Cowboys fans. So when the rare Texan rooted for him because he had played for UT in college, he made sure to acknowledge them warmly.

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