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Three sisters, two murders, and too many secrets to count.

Fourteen years ago, the Palmer sisters―Emma, Juliette, and Daphne―left their home in Arden Hills and never returned. But when Emma discovers she’s pregnant and her husband loses his job, she has no option but to return to the house that she and her estranged sisters still own . . . and where their parents were murdered.

Emma has never told anyone what she saw the night her parents died, even when she became the prime suspect. But her presence in the house threatens to uncover secrets that have stayed hidden for years, and the sisters are drawn together once again. As they face their memories of the past, rivalries restart, connections are forged, and, for the first time, Emma starts to ask questions about what really happened that night.

The more Emma learns, the more riddles emerge. And Emma begins to wonder just what her siblings will do to keep the past buried, and whether she did the right thing staying quiet about what was whispered that night: “No one can know.”

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Review: No One Can Know
By Kate Alice Marshall

Review: No One Can Know

Estranged sisters reunite and unravel the secrets of their parents’ murder, in this tangled and taut psychological thriller from Kate Alice Marshall (What Lies In The Woods).

All at once, Emma Palmer discovers she’s pregnant and her husband lost his job. Without recourse, they must return to her childhood home—a house owned by Emma and her sisters, vacated fourteen years prior after the grisly murder of their parents.

As the prime suspect then, Emma rouses old rivalries with her return. Truth is, however, Emma, Juliette, and Daphne all hide secrets from that night—secrets they promised never to share. But as past resentments flare, Emma asks questions she should have broached long ago, and new information upends what she believed to be true. Worse yet, tragedy strikes again, and it seems no one wants the truth revealed.

With multiple narrators, shifting timelines, and a propulsive pace, Marshall crafts a fantastic popcorn thriller. Its meticulously intricate and twisted plot keeps you guessing, unfurling shocking revelations on the girls’ upbringing and how it shaped what really happened.

Non-stop twists to keep you guessing in this recommended, single-sitting read.

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