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A wallflower gets seduction tips from a playboy athlete—until love changes the rules.

Socially awkward Joellen Bixby has a date every Saturday—with her cat, a pint of ice cream, and fantasies of the way-too-handsome Michael Maddox. She’d give anything to win over the unattainable CEO of her firm, but how can she when she blends in so well with her cubicle? The answer may be closer than she thinks.

Cameron McGregor is a cocky, tattooed Scottish rugby captain who just moved in next door. He’s not Jo’s type—at all—but the notorious playboy is offering to teach the wallflower everything he knows about inspiring desire. Though a lot of women have rumpled Cam’s kilt, Jo is special. Far from the ugly duckling she thinks she is, in Cam’s eyes she’s sharp, funny, and effortlessly sexy. Now, thanks to him, Jo is blooming with confidence and has the man of her dreams within reach.

Unfortunately for Cam, he’s just helped to push the woman of his dreams into the arms of another man—and now he’s in the fight of his life to keep this beauty from getting away.


Slow Burn

Book 2

Can be read as a standalone

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Melt For You
By J.T. Geissinger

Review: Melt For You

You know the kind of book you truly devour? The kind where you can’t bother with food or showers or moving from the couch, because you have to keep reading? The kind that makes you smile so big and have you breaking speed-reading records? This was that book. Delicious slow burn, sexy, funny, heartwarming and impossibly addictive.

J.T. Geissinger has become a trusted, must-read author for me over the course of her last few books. She writes my kind of love story, whether it’s enemies to lovers or friends to lovers, it’s always an all-consuming slow burn you can’t look away from, every moment feeding the desperate need to see her characters happy and together.

MELT FOR YOU imparts the story of a thirty-six-year-old girl who feels unseen, thinks she’s forty pounds overweight and is barely surviving a life in which she falls short every time. Her only dates are with her cat, Mr. Bingley, at home, where she’s spent the last ten years pining after her boss.

Coming home from work one night, Joellen Bixby hears music blaring from her neighbor’s place, so she marches over only to find a larger-than-life, muscled, tattooed Scottish guy with an ego bigger than he is. As it turns out, Cameron McGregor is a world-famous rugby captain known not only for his prowess on the field, but off it too, with a trail of women and scandal in his wake.

Right off the bat, their relationship is a fierce competition of hurling insults at each other, but when Cam helps Jo pique her boss’ interest, they agree on a tremulous truce.

In between that teasing and joking, however, something real blooms. She’s able to be herself around him, awkwardness and all, and she sees the person he really is underneath that perfect, muscled physique… and he’s just as wonderful inside.

But then her boss is finally noticing her, and Cam is scheduled to return to Scotland…

Jo has to figure out her heart’s desire, even when he’s been right in front of her the whole time.

Like me, I promise you’ll devour this gem of a story. It’s sexy and brimming with chemistry. It’s funny—the banter is literally everything! And it’s got heart and romance and all the things so many of us love about reading. I know you’ll love this slow-burn friends-to-lovers romance as much as did.

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