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Greed. Desire. Obsession. Revenge . . . It’s all in a night’s work.

Harry Booth started stealing at nine to keep a roof over his ailing mother’s head, slipping into luxurious, empty homes at night to find items he could trade for precious cash. When his mother finally succumbed to cancer, he left Chicago—but kept up his nightwork, developing into a master thief with a code of honor and an expertise in not attracting attention?or getting attached.

Until he meets Miranda Emerson, and the powerful bond between them upends all his rules. But along the way, Booth has made some dangerous associations, including the ruthless Carter LaPorte, who sees Booth as a tool he controls for his own profit. Knowing LaPorte will leverage any personal connection, Booth abandons Miranda for her own safety—cruelly, with no explanation—and disappears.

But the bond between Miranda and Booth is too strong, pulling them inexorably back together. Now Booth must face LaPorte, to truly free himself and Miranda once and for all.

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Romantic Suspense

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By Nora Roberts

Review: Nightwork

With Nightwork, Roberts delivers an immersive, unputdownable story brimming with heart and suspense.

We first meet Harry Booth as a child struggling to cope with a sick mother and mounting bills. Desperate and wanting to help his mom, he begins picking pockets, then picking locks—slipping into empty homes under the cloak of night. Before too long and after his mother lost her battle with cancer, Harry embarks on an unintended career in thievery, shaped by an ironclad code of honor that keeps him grounded and safe.

Along the way, however, he crosses paths with Carter LaPorte—someone not so scrupulous, whose compulsion with possession drives him to want to ‘own’ Harry and his skills. Relegated to a life on the run, Harry rouses his insatiable intellect in spurts without cultivating roots with anyone or in any place.

Until he meets Miranda Emerson.

Despite his best efforts to stay away, a deep bond forms between them, one he’s forced to break when LaPorte finds him once again.

Years later, Miranda’s and Harry’s lives would again collide, awakening feelings that had never faded—but now, together, they would have to devise a dangerous plan to escape from LaPorte’s vise.

I loved this book more than I thought I would—there was so much more charm and emotion than I expected. Roberts imparts Harry’s story vividly, transporting us around the world, gradually building the narrative, and the stakes, over time. By the end, I was so invested in Harry and his happy ever after, that the suspense of what would happen had me flipping pages furiously.

This is a slow-burn, must-read gem.

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