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Dangerous secrets and forbidden desires lead to shocking consequences… Don’t miss book two of the fantastical Harbinger trilogy from #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Half-angel Trinity and her bonded gargoyle protector, Zayne, have been working with demons to stop the apocalypse while avoiding falling in love. The Harbinger is coming…but who or what is it? All of humankind may fall if Trinity and Zayne can’t win the race against time as dark forces gather.

As tensions rise, they must stay close together and patrol the DC streets at night, seeking signs of the Harbinger, an entity that is killing Wardens and demons with no seeming rhyme or reason. Forbidden to be with each other, Zayne and Trinity fight their feelings and turn to unusual sources for help—the demon Roth and his cohorts. But as deaths pile up and they uncover a sinister plot involving the local high school and endangering someone dear to Zayne, Trin realizes she is being led…herded…played for some unknown end. As anger builds and feelings spiral out of control, it becomes clear that rage may be the ruin of them all.



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Rage and Ruin
By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Review: Rage and Ruin

Zayne and Trinity struggle against intensifying desire, as the Harbinger raises the stakes in this exhilarating sequel.

Half-angel Trinity and her bonded Gargoyle protector, Zayne, work together to root out whomever—or whatever—has been threatening demons and Wardens alike. As the death toll rises, it’s clear the Harbinger will stop at nothing from annihilating them all. But with more questions than answers, they’ve thus far been powerless to stop the danger which taunts them at every turn.

Making matters worse, Trinity and Zayne grapple to reign in their deepening desire—feelings forbidden between protector and ward. Trinity is plagued by insecurity, unsure if Zayne returns the very real emotions she’s been feeling for some time. Did he feel anything beyond a fleeting desire? And what were the consequences should they surrender to the chemistry between them?

But the Harbinger is relentless, and Trinity feels she must train double time to compensate for her very real blind spots, because despite whatever is between her and Zayne, she cannot let him down. Cannot let humanity succumb to this mounting peril.

Soon enough, Trinity will come face-to-face with the evil that follows and the ensuing battle will have game-changing consequences for them all.

With her signature blend of humor, angst and high-stakes action, Armentrout delivers a wholly entertaining sequel brimming with feels. This installment touts a slightly longer page count and although it felt a little slower at times, action scenes provided well-timed punctuations that by the end had me clamoring for more.

Book three can’t come soon enough!

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