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Review: Allure (#2, Spiral of Bliss) by Nina Lane

My Thoughts

Intimate, real, thoughtful, seductive and sexy as hell!!!
The pages were aflame with passion, feeling and desire!
I couldn’t put it down! I absolutely LOVE this series!




ALLURE coverAfter lies and betrayal almost destroy their marriage, Dean and Olivia West reignite their blissful passion. The medieval history professor and his lovely wife are determined to fix their mistakes, and Liv’s unexpected pregnancy intensifies their desire to fall madly in love all over again.

Then a family crisis forces Dean back into a feud with his parents and siblings, dredging up guilt over a painful family secret. Dean fights to shield Liv from the hostility, but for the first time, Liv resists her white knight’s defense. Her newfound resolve clashes with Dean’s desperate need to protect her.

Liv and Dean have battled obstacles together before, but bitter family conflicts now endanger their fragile intimacy. And when Dean’s career is suddenly threatened, he and Liv must struggle with events that could damage them in ways they had never imagined.

My Review

“We want our marriage to be a haven of warmth and pleasure again.
We want our pure lustiness back, untainted by fear and mistrust.
We want the unending spirals of bliss we can create only with each other.
We want to shut the rest of the world out while locking ourselves together.”

Ahhhh. This series is so very sexy. I love it for so many reasons and love it even more after reading Allure, book 2. I continue to appreciate the freshness and depth of the story… the struggling marriage of two passionate and flawed individuals finding safety in the bond they share. Their connection on a physical level is intense and steadfast, while their emotional connection is fragile and in danger of snapping.

Arouse finishes with a plot twist and we know now Liv is pregnant. It’s kind of a full circle moment in the sense that what began to create the cracks in their marriage (and turned out to be a scare), became an unexpected reality at the end of the the story. At this point, there’s so much fear, hesitance and at the same time unrelenting drive to make things OKAY. Whereas Arouse was a book about understanding the dynamic of Dean and Liv’s marriage, Allure is about better understanding them as individuals, in particular Dean, and what they each bring to the marriage… the good, the bad and the ugly. Much of the story is told through his point-of-view, learning his insecurities, his thoughts and his feelings towards Liv. He’s deathly afraid of another separation occurring, particularly when he still doesn’t understand, at the core, what he did or didn’t do to cause it.

“The fact that I don’t know what went wrong makes me even more afraid that it could happen again. Like a punch you don’t see coming.”

In the meanwhile, Liv continues her quest in finding her place in life, and in their marriage. She begins to jot down things she commits to doing, attempting to find strength and determination in her own words.

“I will learn what I’m good at. I will remember how it was when we first met… I will trust my instincts. I will trust myself.”

The desire Liv and Dean feel for each other is masking some deeper issues it seems. Dean finds control in constantly having Liv while Liv finds solace and love in Dean’s arms. Their physical connection is so strong, and true, that they’ve let it hide insecurities, guilt and doubts buried deep over the years. And it’s those things, I think, that once they overcome, will make their relationship whole and as it should be.

We also learn about the complex dynamic of Dean’s wealthy family and the relationship they all have with his ex-wife Helen. Dean was the perfect child, driven and successful and Helen is a female replica of him.

“Driven. Focused. Serious. So freaking tedious. Just like me.”

And it seems that what he loves about Liv is that she is different. Her goodness, her vulnerability, her refusal to be anything but herself and to accept Dean so completely.

“You’re the best thing that’s happened to me in… forever, Liv. The only person who doesn’t expect anything from me. Who doesn’t care that I’m not perfect.”

Big things happen in Allure… be prepared! This book simply overflows with feeling. Love, passion and heartbreak, and even humor. There are some devastating moments where I was brought to big-time tears and moments I felt alight with hope. The entire book felt like an intimate story unfolding before me and I can’t wait to see the story come to its conclusion in book 3, Awaken, which comes out this summer! Nina Lane’s writing is captivating, sexy and thoughtful. I love the character development and evolution in these books! I highly recommend you pick up Arouse and Allure! I promise you will love them!



Arouse: Buy for Amazon / Nook / My review
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About The Author


Nina Lane is a multi-published author of elegant, romantic and often raunchy erotica. Her recent release AROUSE is the first book in the Spiral of Bliss series, and her novel THE EROTIC DARK is a #1 Amazon erotica bestseller.

Nina used to write novels under the name
Natasha Rostova and has published stories in anthologies such as “Best Women’s Erotica” and “Erotic Travel Tales.” Her work has been translated into both German and Japanese. In addition to writing, she’s an avid reader who loves popcorn and has recently joined a workout boot-camp that is kicking her rear end.

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  1. Nina Lane said:

    Vilma! Thank you so much for the amazing review! You’re spot on when you talk about what Liv and Dean have to overcome to be whole as a couple again, and I absolutely LOVE the graphics (especially Gemma – I don’t think there can be another Liv for me). I’m going to email you and ask if I can share them via Pinterest and FB. I so appreciate all your support and participation in the LLL blog tour – thank you, Vilma!


    1. Vilma's Book Blog said:

      Absolutely use them!!! I have them up on pinterest too! Will email you the link! Thank you for your kind words!!!! ❤ Ya!!!


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