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He was her first love. She was his.
They broke up to follow their dreams.
Axel Forrester became a world famous drummer.
Tara Stillman became a veterinarian.

Years later, he’s scrolling social media and sees they’re both in East Hampton, NY.
Fate? Or Coincidence?

What’s a rockstar to do other than borrow his friend’s dog as an excuse to see the good doctor.
And—show up at her office after all this time.

Axel wants a second chance with the one who got away. He’s not going to let Tara go this time.

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Contemporary Romance

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Excerpt: Just One Wish
By Carly Phillips

Excerpt: Just One Wish

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carly Phillips returns to her sexy Kingston—Dare world of rich billionaire heroes in her new Kingston Family novella.

JUST ONE WISH is out today and you can read an excerpt below!


“Well, that’s something you don’t see every day,” her mom said. While Tara had been lost in thought, her mom had walked to the windows looking over the parking lot.

“What is it?”

“A dog in a convertible wearing sunglasses,” her mom said, laughing. “Come look!”

Tara strode over and glanced out the window, recognizing the golden dog. “Is that Bella?” she asked, narrowing her gaze. “That definitely looks like Bella Kingston. Is she on the schedule today?” Tara hadn’t seen the retriever on the list of appointments, but Sasha or Xander could have called to bring her in if the dog was sick.

“No, she’s not,” her mom said.

A man climbed out of the Corvette, a gorgeous royal blue convertible, and strode around to get the dog from the passenger seat.

“That’s definitely Bella, but that guy is not Xander.”

The man in question tried and failed to keep the sunglasses on the dog’s face and finally tossed them onto the seat. Tara couldn’t help but laugh. People and dogs were always fun to watch. This guy had a tall, lean frame and dark brown hair. Something about him seemed familiar, but she couldn’t place him. He grasped the leash and led the dog on a walk, obviously doing the smart thing before bringing the pup inside.

But before he’d walked away, he’d turned toward the building long enough for Tara to get a good look at his face. Even with aviators on his eyes, she knew.

“Oh, my God. It’s Axel,” she said, her stomach feeling like a kaleidoscope of butterflies had taken flight.

Your Axel?” Her mother’s voice rose in excitement.

“He hasn’t been my Axel in forever.” Tara covered her churning belly with her hands.

“He’s the last guy you dated, so sue me for calling him yours.”

Tara frowned and glanced at her mom. “I wouldn’t go that far.”

“Well, I would.”

Tara sighed at her mother’s persistence. “I don’t tell you everything.” Not that there was anything to tell, which was why her mother’s dig hit home.

Marsha meant well and wanted her daughter happily settled, but Tara had never met a man who lived up to … well, Axel and what they’d shared. But it wasn’t like she’d chosen between school and career or a nunnery, for God’s sake.

Her mother took another glance between the horizontal blinds to get a better look.

“Cut it out,” Tara muttered.

She stepped away from the window and headed back behind the counter, gesturing for her mother to follow. Which Marsha did. Tara did not want to get caught ogling the rock-star drummer. Even if he was her ex.

She bit down on her cheek, her heart pounding hard as she waited for him to walk in. Why was Axel here with Bella? Was he helping out his bandmate and friend? Though Tara made it a point not to check out gossip or celebrity sites, she couldn’t live in this small town, especially one that emptied out after summer, and not know that Axel Forrester had joined Dash Kingston’s band and moved here. She’d just been lucky enough not to have run into him before now.

They hadn’t parted on bad terms all those years ago. They’d just both had life plans that had taken them in different directions. She’d always known they wanted different things out of life. He’d desired fame and travel while she’d planned to settle down in a vet practice and have a family one day. When he’d said goodbye, saying he hoped they’d reconnect in the future, she had known better. Now they were two very different people, and seeing him again could only be awkward.

At that moment, Harry walked out of the back area. He was a good-looking man, older, with salt-and-pepper hair and a distinguished goatee.

He glanced around the empty waiting room. “Everything okay?” he asked.

“Fine. There’s a man in the parking lot who should be in any minute,” Tara said.

Harry nodded. “I just finished eating. Would you like me to see him?”

Bless him, Tara thought. She was not ready to face the now famous Axel Forrester, former drummer for Caged Chaos and now the Original Kings, and the type of man who women threw their panties at.

“Sure,” she said at the same time her mother spoke. “You’re busy, Harry,” Marsha said, stepping over to him.

“No, I have time for a break.” His eyes crinkled in confusion at their contradictory replies.

“Good idea. Go take a break.” Tara’s mom urged him toward the back, her hands pushing at his arm.

“Mom! Cut it out.” Taking control, Tara decided what to do. “Thanks for handling the next patient, Harry. I’ll be in the back if you need me.”

She walked through the double doors leading to the back rooms but remained close by so she could hear everything. She couldn’t help but be curious.

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