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From the husband and wife writing duo Jennifer Miller and Jason Feifer comes Mr. Nice Guy, a funny and all too real comedy about the pursuit of success in life–and love–in today’s working world.

Lucas Callahan, a man who gave up his law degree, fiancée and small-town future for a shot at making it in the Big Apple. He snags an entry-level job at Empire magazine, believing it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a famous writer. And then late one night in a downtown bar he meets a gorgeous brunette who takes him home…

Carmen Kelly wanted to be a hard-hitting journalist, only to find herself cast in the role of Empire’s sex columnist thanks to the boys’ club mentality of Manhattan magazines. Her latest piece is about an unfortunate―and unsatisfying―encounter with an awkward and nerdy guy, who was nice enough to look at but horribly inexperienced in bed.

Lucas only discovers that he’s slept with the infamous Carmen Kelly―that is, his own magazine’s sex columnist!―when he reads her printed take-down. Humiliated and furious, he pens a rebuttal and signs it, “Nice Guy.” Empire publishes it, and the pair of columns go viral. Readers demand more. So the magazine makes an arrangement: Each week, Carmen and Lucas will sleep together… and write dueling accounts of their sexual exploits.

It’s the most provocative sexual relationship any couple has had, but the columnist-lovers are soon engaging in more than a war of words: They become seduced by the city’s rich and powerful, tempted by fame, and more attracted to each other than they’re willing to admit. In the end, they will have to choose between ambition, love, and the consequences of total honesty.

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Mr. Nice Guy
By Jennifer Miller & Jason Feifer

Review: Mr. Nice Guy

A NYC newbie’s one-night stand with a sex columnist goes viral, when she roasts his skills between the sheets.

Lucas Callahan left North Carolina with dreams of becoming a journalist. He’s thrilled to land a job as a fact checker for Empire magazine, determined to work his way up.

One night out, he spots a beautiful woman across the bar and works up the nerve to talk to her. Soon enough, they’re back at her apartment for his first-ever one-night stand. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s slept with Empire’s jaded sex columnist Carmen Kelly, who eviscerates him for all the world to see. Lucas, naïve as he may be, claps back with his own derisive rebuttal, signing off as Mr. Nice Guy.

Overnight the column, and Lucas’ response, go viral. And so they take it one step further at Empire’s bidding—each week they’ll sleep together and critique each other’s sexual prowess. Problem is, they hate each other.

But as weeks tick by, their arrangement begins to change, and Lucas becomes entangled in the uglier side of the glossy media industry. With their jobs, their hearts and their futures at stake, Lucas makes a decision that changes everything.

Husband-and-wife team Jason Feifer and Jennifer Miller deliver an enjoyable, fast-paced narrative that’s juicy, clever, and at times, poignant and sweet. It’s a story of feeling wanted, of being loved, and of navigating the all-too-real complexities of a modern romance. There’s no glaze over the story or characters. Lucas, for example, is full of flaws and not likeable at times, but he felt real with his insecurities and mistakes. The premise makes for a dishy read, but those seeking a sweeping romance may be left wanting.

But for those who enjoy great banter, real, complex characters, and the addictive feel of a scandalous tell all, MR. NICE GUY is a fun, fresh enemies-to-lovers romp to pick up.

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