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In the new novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series, Lt. Eve Dallas is about to walk into the shadows of her husband’s dangerous past…

While Eve examines a fresh body in Washington Square Park, her husband, Roarke, spots a man among the onlookers he’s known since his younger days on the streets of Dublin. A man who claims to be his half brother. A man who kills for a living—and who burns with hatred for him.

Eve is quick to suspect that the victim’s spouse—resentful over his wife’s affair and poised to inherit her fortune—would have happily paid an assassin to do his dirty work. Roarke is just as quick to warn her that if Lorcan Cobbe is the hitman, she needs to be careful. Law enforcement agencies worldwide have pursued this cold-hearted killer for years, to no avail. And his lazy smirk when he looked Roarke’s way indicates that he will target anyone who matters to Roarke…and is confident he’ll get away with it.

Eve is desperate to protect Roarke. Roarke is desperate to protect Eve. And together, they’re determined to find Cobbe before he finds them—even if it takes them across the Atlantic, far outside Eve’s usual jurisdiction…


In Death

Book 51

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Shadows In Death
By J.D. Robb

Review: Shadows In Death

I can’t think of another series I’ve been so obsessed about, that brings me as much joy, as the In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts). I was late to the game, discovering these books in 2019 and quickly devouring 50 novels at breakneck pace, within six months. Robb manages to create a world that’s as real as real can get with characters I love and now know deeply. The procedural aspect of the cases, the suspense evoked, the back stories of the characters, the romances and friendships—all work together to create an irresistible singular magic. I was counting down the days until this book released, and am now left feeling bereft, biding the days until again I can immerse myself in the world of Eve, Roarke, Summerset, Peabody, McNab, Dr. Mira, Feeney and the others.

SHADOWS IN DEATH—book 51 in the series—tasks Lt. Eve Dallas with solving the brutal murder of a woman killed in Washington Square Park. The twist? A ghost from Roarke’s past is back for vengeance, a man who claims to be Roarke’s half-brother and despises him for taking his birthright.

But it’s not just Roarke that Lorcan Cobbe is after. He’s coming for Eve and Summerset, and anyone Roarke cares about. Cobbe is no stranger to NYPSD either. He’s wanted for hundreds of homicides and no one yet has been able to cage him. As the clock ticks ominously, law enforcement agencies worldwide rally together to hunt this evasive murderer before he kills one of their own.

I loved every minute of it. Love every story that takes us back into Roarke’s (or Eve’s) past, allowing us to deepen our understanding and relationship with the character. Cobbe emerging after years opens old wounds for Roarke, but it’s the fear of losing Eve, of losing others he loves, that drives him to desperation. Similarly, Eve will stop at nothing to keep Roarke safe, and quell the fear that blazes behind his eyes.

It’s an extraordinary, fast-paced and poignant procedural that’s over entirely too soon. J.D. Robb can do no wrong with these books. Now, the countdown begins to 52, FAITHLESS IN DEATH.

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