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Review: Tattoos and Tatas (#2.5 Chocoholics) by Tara Sivec

My Thoughts

Heart and hilarity. Love and friendship.
A wonderfully poignant story that is entirely relatable, yet singularly Tara.



tattoos and tatas coverDuring the month of October, 100% of the proceeds from Tattoos and Tatas will be donated to breast cancer awareness.

Claire and Liz have always had a friendship that defied the test of time, but when one of them is diagnosed with a disease that every woman fears, their bond is put through the wringer. How do you cope knowing your soul mate could be taken from you?

Filled with memories of their life long friendship, inappropriate behavior, bad tattoos and shaving cats, the two friends will realize that laughter really is the best medicine.

Tattoos and TaTas is not your typical love story; it’s a story of friendship and learning how to let go when something is beyond your control.

My Review

When a book has the power to make you want to cry, and then immediately on the next page, has you laughing so hard that you can hardly breathe, you know you’ve got something special. And this latest novella in the Chocoholics series by Tara Sivec was indeed special. We already know that Tara is the queen of funny, but I loved that this story had an emotional gravity to it that made the laughs seems cathartic… a much-needed levity to the very real and relatable experience our characters go through.

“This is the story of the day everything changed, the day we all began looking at life a little differently than we did before. It’s also the story of how we almost got kicked out of a hospital, a funeral home, a tattoo shop and a small handful of bars.”

Liz and Claire have been BFFs for years. Thirty years of being each other’s soul mates… each other’s constant… each other’s person, through thick and thin, through funny and funnier. There hasn’t been anything they haven’t conquered together… one-night stands and forevers, childbirth and child rearing, and now weddings. And with everything they’ve shared together, they’ve done it with laughter. But when one of them is unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer, the laughter suddenly escapes with a sudden whoosh. What does one do when your best friend, your soul mate, is suddenly facing something so big and scary that they might not be around forever? How do you consider a future without your other half? One of these friends embarks on a battle to beat cancer, while the other struggles to deal with an uncertain future… and both of them, find themselves needing each other so badly that instead of holding tightly together, an unexpected chasm threatens to break apart what seemed to be an indestructible, lifelong friendship.

“Those little bumps of fat sitting on her chest are literally sucking the life out of her. I keep running through every single memory of the two of us together. Every time we’ve made each other laugh, cry, snort, puke, trip down stairs or scream in frustration. Thirty years of going through everything together. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life without her and I have no idea how to find the humor in any of this bullshit.”

This novella takes us down memory lane, as the story unfurls through the perspective of the friend who is not sick, but who is fighting to figure out how to deal with it all. We see their friendship evolve through the years, see how true and steadfast their relationship is, only to be strained by a horrible disease that renders fixers utterly useless. Because as one friend finds out, no matter how badly you want to do something, how badly you want to fix something, there is nothing you can do but be the friend who makes you laugh and holds your hand and eases your fears. There are so many moments that got me all choked up, and of course, moments that had me laughing out loud. This is Tara Sivec after all, and one big message you can take from the book is that everything feels a bit better after a laugh.

“… laughter makes everything better. It might not cure cancer, but it sure makes it a hell of a lot more bearable.”

I loved everything about this story and if you’re a fan of the Chocoholics or Chocolate Lovers series, this is a must read. It’s funny, meaningful and so very Tara Sivec.


Proceeds from Tattoos and TaTas during the month of October will be split between two charities:  Susan G. Komen and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

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